the workshop

Workshops for men and women


5 meetings
3 Hours each

you are stronger than you think

Subject of the workshop

Introduction to the workshop.
The parts of consciousness – who runs me?
Exile – deep familiarity with my most important part.
Discovery of the connection of breath to the soul.
The mission – the redemption.

Who is it for?

– 5 sessions of three hours hours
– A personal meeting in which we will work and work what you received in the workshop individually and specially adapted for you
The workshop participants are given a significant discount in the core training that takes place once every two weeks at the end of the sessions and of course in every event of this kind.

What you get

Identifying the source of the pain
Tools for self-healing and awareness
A true connection to infinity that you
Developing the most important relationship in your life, between yourself and yourself
Support and space protected and supportive

It is important to stop and ask the right questions, breathe deeply and feel …
What’s going on inside me right now? Am I happy or sad? Maybe I’m under pressure?
I give myself permission to feel? Am I violent to myself? What thoughts catch me?
My heart is happy? Do I see everything I have in my life? I stop to say enough thanks?
What more manages me, what I have or what I do not have? Do I really love myself?
Do I speak to me well? Am I open to accepting? Can I give a balanced and happy place?
Am I guilty or responsible? In exile or redemption?

Time to turn to awareness of the movement that is taking place within you. There is within you a part of light that thirsts for liberty and freedom,
That part requires a time of self-listening and self-pity.
The deepest healing of every layer of life is in our ability to change perception in our consciousness.
It is important to know to ask the right questions to really come back …

“The main answer – that man return to himself” (Rav Kook)
A new course of core training – from exile to redemption is underway soon. Pre-registration.